Dec 14, 2012

Dolphins and Mollydookers...

Hi Mate,

First day of Christmas break saw some nice 2 meter swell, clean conditions. Managed to get a few mollydookers along with the dolphins. I love summer !!!



Piskian said...

Lovely pics and rides!And looks warm too.

misterdirk said...

From all the visual evidence I've seen, Brett is living right!

Henry Hester said...

Mollydookers would referto lefts or a left handed person. A southpaw so to speak. These great waves are rights. Splain.

Anonymous said...

The term mollydooker I first heard last year in Indonesia. I met a champion bloke from L.A surfing a right hander at a very good but low key location. He referred to the bomb sets as "mollydookers" as in "here comes a mollydooker, it's your turn", he explained that as kids thats what they called the "big sets". I loved the term and use it now quite frequently and being an American based blog I thought it would be appropriate and also curious if anyone else used the term. In this case it has nothing to do with a "lefty".