Dec 17, 2012

Omni Love!!!


I just got out of the water, dripping on the keyboard just got out of the water, because I had to send you a note to tell you the Omni is amazing!

If mind-blowing wasn't such an archaic word now a days I would describe it that way.

Only two feet maybe three on the sets but with enough offshore to make it look really good maybe better than it really was, but I digress... I like to do this sideways stall at the top, right after take off, you never know when the swell could hit a sandbar and cover you up but if that doesn't happen this drifting sideways at the top of the wave is nice because you can pick the steepest moment to drive to the bottom, get maximum speed and throw a turn. Not a hard move really it mostly depends on getting the timing right but it requires a mat that is ultra sensitive to the wave and to your body movements to do it well.

The Omni has it, it's fucking mind-blowing, there I've said it.

The best part is the mat keeps getting better every time I ride it.

I can hardly wait for the next go out.

So thanks for the great mat!




Hello Paul-

I got the new Omni out in some waist to chest high, semi-mushy surf today and I am very pleased with the performance. The mat caught waves easily, seeming to want to pull itself into the drop. It turned sharply with just a roll of my hip and once on the face it tracked and held it's line with little input from me.

Overall it felt fast and responsive and just right. 90 degree inflation feels like it's sweet spot. When I ran it at a lower inflation it felt sluggish and didn't like to hold it's shape. So the omni is definitely a winner. Thanks for building a great mat.

BTW After I was out for a while and had caught 6-8 fun waves, I overheard two shortboarders near me complain about how the waves sucked and they were going to look elsewhere for better waves. Unfortunately they were no better anywhere else. They just needed better surfcraft!

had a few waves on an Omni and the Standard today. Both really good. I especially like the Omni. Cranks turns like a Standard but just keeps on motoring whatever's happening. It a serious, stand out surfcraft. :-)


I have surfed the Omni a few times now and like it even better than the Tracker. Catches waves more easily and seems happier.



Hey Paul

I rode the OMNI all three sessions; Boneyard (4'-6'+ with power), Swamis in the dark dawn patrol (3'-4' glassy )and Seaside 2'-4' somewhat sloppy). The mat took no getting-use-to and worked well in the varying conditions, excellent! 
As mentioned earlier, the mat is fast and agile. Making sections seemed effortless. I was able to ride through white water and catch up to the shoulder on a few waves. 4-5 hours of riding so far........please make a second. I ride over barnacles every now and then......



Hi Paul,
I continue to be amazed at the fine-tuning that goes into the designs, and the ensuing progress. And if I hadn't felt the improvements over time I would have a harder time believing it! But now when I handle each new model, even before I ride it, it's almost like I can feel the extra intelligence that's been applied. That's a modernist aesthetic that I really like -- clean simple exterior encoded with intelligence.




Back from Mexico. Usually I would take two mats to be prepared. But this time I took only the newly delivered Omni. Unfortunately no pictures. Llike other Omni riders, I discovered the name is completely apropos. Waves were 2-3, but nicely shaped. The sensitivity of the Omni became apparent right away, with a little body shift at the top of the wave. Nice slide and cutbacks, too. It's a winner. It's Omnilicious.


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