Dec 24, 2012

From Joe...

Hi Paul,

That would of been me or Dustin you saw on the surfcam in byron last friday!! So funny!!
I was getting some really fun ones all the way down.

Here is a photo of me on the 5gf on that day!!

By the way, the 5gf I got a month back is just the best mat I have tried!!! It works the best for me! So amazing!! I just feels perfect!!! Thank you so much!!!

Here is a couple of other photos of me and friends on mats at the pass!!
Thanks again for the stoke

Merry Xmas!!!



Henry Hester said...

PG... These photos should be on your website. They show the essence of mat riding 100%!

Paul Gross said...

We operate on a "pay-to-play" basis around here. :)

You pony up the jack, and we'll publish your photo. Name credit extra...

Anonymous said...

5GF rocks !!!!
Merry Xmas