Jul 28, 2013

From 2 of the 4 Corners of the Earth!

Hopa Paulo,

cheers from Camburi, SP, Brazil - again.

Had two great mat-sessions today on the Tracker. Early morning glass - just me and a pre-duty bombeiro/lifeguard and another one in the afternoon.

Seems I´ve "figured out" something again: I "trust" the mat and get long fast rides! No more tensing up when the wave starts coming down next to me during the bottom turn - just point it, loosen up (!!), take the high line and let it fly - you WILL make the section (most of the time).

Since I don´t have an egocentric-action-cam (yet - "Dude, if it ain´t on video, it never happened!") - all I can offer is another mat-still life.

Hope y´all are well!



Hi Paul,

Brett, Garrett & I had a blast on our surf mats! So much fun!!

We stayed until we were too cold to stay any longer.

Great day at the beach thanks to you & your surf mats!

Thanks again for getting us hooked on surf matting!

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

Tess ❤👩☀




Henry Hester said...

If there was a way to explain Tom's revelation to loosen up and trust the mat, you could bottle it up and sell it. It's the single hardest thing for me to do, even after a year of 3-4 sessions a week.

Paul Gross said...

Try riding with the least amount of air possible. 180 degree fold.

Then, after 3 or 4 waves, inflate to a 90 degree fold and start riding. Sometimes the contrast will shake something loose, mentally.

Anonymous said...

........or pretend there is no mat under you at all and that you are bodysurfing.
and use a mantra such as "Soft body, Soft body" as you ride the wave.
or lose your white heterosexual control freak he man self and access your inner woman!.Heh heh!

Hong said...

This is awesome!