Jul 27, 2013

Steiny On The Omni...

Rode the Omni in lined up point waves for the first time this morning. It works wonderfully! There was a bit more swell than I expected, I got some nice open faces. Excellent glide and speed. It seemed to be easier to trim up out of a bottom turn/drift. Easy entry into waves and, after riding the mini exclusively for a few weeks, plenty of float. I am really stoked. The mat works quite well.
Thanks again,
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pranaglider said...

I hesitate to say "best mat ever", because I say that every time Paul sends out a new design but it is the best mat ever.

Mike said...

I've just got back on the Omni after 2 weeks on a different mat.
Man, the Omni is like an old pair of jeans; Comfy, trusty and reliable.
It works!