Oct 30, 2017

From John

(This comment just came in, pursuant to a posting on Surfmatters from December, 2011...)

The "Vietnam era" photo above is mine, taken at the U.S. Naval School for Underwater Swimmers, Key West, Florida in 1967. The divers pictured are in fact USAF Pararescue trainees, not Navy. The fins were AMF Voit Duck Feet fins, issued to us.

I have used, and still have, two pair of the original Swimaster Duck Feet fins, which are made of natural gum rubber, and are still very nice and flexible more than fifty years later.

John C. Ratliff

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Unknown said...

John, Thanks for your efforts in cleaning the river. A series of small actions by many thoughtful people like you will make a difference over time. When I eat salmon, I'll think of this and I'll thank you. PS--- Cool dive gear!