Apr 21, 2021

Inflated Porsche Chassis



While unrelated to mat surfing, or surfing in general, it's always fun to hear about ways inflation is used in engineering.

This whole vid is interesting, but the specifics start at 4:15...


tuskedbeast said...

So the inflation aspect was in the pressurization with nitrogen inside the hollow tubing of the frame? (all 98 pounds of it, wow)

I'm not a car guy nor do I get off on competition (it's infinitely preferable than fighting wars, at least), but I like the sheer innovation-for-innovation's sake aspect of all that incredibly expert and expensive problem solving. It's related to art-for-art's sake, which I'll get behind all day long.

Paul Gross said...

Yes, they monitored the nitrogen pressure inside the frame tubes in order to detect minute cracks in the aluminum tubing...to stave off a catastrophic failure minutes or even moments later.

Agree with your assessment of this kind of engineering progress. :)

These videos below have a treasure trove of historical innovations in motor racing. They're well worth watching if you have time, just for the creativity.


Tim said...

Helium in a mat? ever been done?