Dec 21, 2008

From Jonathan J.

Epic find ... a "pre-Converse" Hodgman mat!!!

The price was $23.95! Not exactly sure of the date, but by any reasonable estimate, a lot of money at the time...

Hello Paul!

I just took those pics out on my front steps the other day, before the rain set in. you guessed, there's a totally stock red/white/blue striped Hodgman "Float" that came with that box!

It's one of the "crown jewels" of my mat collection. At the same time I received both this mat, and a smaller kid-sized mat, in their factory boxes....a rare score indeed! If you're curious about what it looks like, it's identical to the Hodgman postcard pic I sent.

The date is mid to late 50's on this long-striped Hodgman!



misterdirk said...

I like that word "flote." Nice flote! Did you see that last flote? It's flote time. Hey, let's all go for a flote!

Anonymous said...


"Let's rock out with our Flotes tonight!"

Anonymous said...

I never met a Flote I didn't like.