Dec 18, 2008

Some Photos From NZ

My Father, Max Dad, took these pictures with an old Pentax that he used to shoot when he edited SURFING ILLUSTRATED, and went on bitchen assignments like for LIFE MAGAZINE to cover The Duke Contest with Don James, and pioneering El Salvador, and exploring Baja in a PBY amphibian aircraft... Max Dad quite often took Max Mom and us Max Menehunes with him. (I got to shake hands with Duke Kahanamoku. Wow!) Were we lucky beach rats or what?

These pictures are actual film shots. You remember film, those strips of plastic with holes down the sides that if you touch them with your finger the image is ruined forever. Sort of like those big black music discs from before CDs. (Kids these days have been known freak on the revelation that LPs actually have a B-side!) Right, so feast your eyes on some chilly average NZ beachbreak:

Photos by MAX DAD

Max Mom and Max Dad. Photo by MAT MAX

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