Dec 5, 2008

Very Clever Fin Leash!

DB says: "Here's my 2 cents on the fin leash topic -- freebie black shoelaces, natch! These were an extra pair that came with some boots that my son got, so I requisitioned immediately upon sight because they're pretty short. I don't wear them unless the surf is punchy, but they're easy enough to slide on or off as needed. I tie little loops at each end of the string, then pull it through itself to form bigger loops that go around the fin strap and around my ankle, with a little but not too much slack. Works great in the few cases where my fin has gotten ripped away." Well done! Excellent knotsmanship. Gotta love the black on black theme to match modern mats.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Should we be looking at Kevlar shoelaces?