Dec 13, 2008

Pig dog on the mat?

Just a quick thought on "backside" mat surfing.

I am a Goofy foot so rights are backside for me although before discovering mats I had been working on my switch stance.

Although going right on the mat is comfortable, different and fun I find I just think about going left more.

Here is a picture where it looks like everything is a little off.

I am not sure if I am recovering from some disaster or what but

1) left hand cluching the mat rail preaty far aft

2) right hand squeezing the left front of the mat

3) looks like I am dragging the rear of my behind in the wave face

I don't remember this specific wave or if I was trying something different (the mat looks a little over inflated) but I look like I am focused on the the little section up ahead and hoping it becomes interesting.

The beauty of riding these craft is that the experience is constantly unfolding.


pranaglider said...

you can see more detail if you click on the picture and get a larger version.

Photo by Kaiser at Daily Bread

Jamie said...

As far as technically correct mat surfing goes, your body positioning is definitely a little off. However, it looks like you'd be drawing a really nice line if you were bodysurfing. I like to think of my spine as an axis when i matsurf or bodysurf. If going right, my left(outside) leg should be draped slightly over my right(inside) leg and i like to roll up onto my right hip, which usually ends up with a buttdragstall if I over-rotate. The cool thing is that when I feel myself over-rotate and start to drag ass, all I have to do is bring my outside leg back over my center axis and the mat picks up speed instantly. This technique works very well in hollow waves, particularly when I want to drag ass right on the foam ball to stay as deep as possible, only coming out with or after the spit.

Surfsister said...

It's as if you guys are teaching the AP Mat Surfing class. I'm still at Beginner Mat surfing. But I am nonetheless trying to take it all in. The more information I can get, the better (especially since the weather sucks right now).

nathanoj said...

I'm also goofy-finner and have found that when things get steep and tight on my 'backhand' I also roll onto my inside hip. Part of it is me trying to tuck into small peelers, but the weight shift to the inside rail does seem to help in remaining high and slotted rather than drifting to the base of the wave.