Jun 25, 2011

On Vacation In My Mind...

Hey paul!

Loving the mats and turning people onto them down here

Wanted to drop you a line to show you how i'm living

Don't let the flag fool ya this is san diego not down under

If you look closely you can see a standard and a roundtail drying off in the june gloom haze after a morning surf

Inflateable tripper, on vacation in my mind,

Max "hobbes" c.d.

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I live in a tent


Growling Gecko said...

Good on ya Max. Keep preaching the gospel of Mat and fly that flag proudly mate! A Standard and a Roundtail are a great quiver of mats to have at your disposal.

Anonymous said...

does the tent have wifi?

Miguel said...

thats sick that would be like me dream home haha