Jul 25, 2014

4GF Shipping Delay ...

The Wall Street Journal's vision of mat surfing...not bad!
As you know, we pride ourselves on getting mats out within 48 hours of receiving an order. And we work to maintain that pace while building every mat as a one-off to order. We don't keep mats in stock. Customers sometimes have a unique need, and we make minor changes from mat to mat in order to maximize fun and performance for them.

A few weeks ago, our good friend and mat enthusiast Mark Anders penned a nice primer on beginner-friendly surf vehicles for Wall Street Journal. Why WSJ -- or anyone who reads it -- would care about surfing, I have no idea! But mats got nice coverage, and as a result, orders have been pouring in over the last 3 weeks. Great news for us...but it has generated a backlog of orders I can't keep up with, even working 12 hours a day.

So...we're going to put a moratorium and quick deliveries for the next 3 weeks while I get caught up.

Any order received as of today will go out after August 15th. I will stay in contact with anyone who orders to keep them in the loop regarding the ship date of their mat.

Thanks for understanding...


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Henry Hester said...

Hope JimmyJ and wife ordered! ��