Jul 3, 2014

From Captian Tom In Brazil: GGGGOOOOOOAAAAALLLL !!!!!

Hola Paulo,
from the dive - with strange telenovelas with white blonde women - in the background -in Boiçucanga, Sao Paulo (!).
After all that great mat-geek-centric stuff you've been posting - and after a few (politically incorrect) beers and caipirinhas and some perfect after-surf 'Lula a dorê' I've decided to bother you with ex-mat-centric stuff.
Folks are totally into the REAL football world championships here.
The guys providing for the beachfolk are seriously awesome and mix good stuff.
And - after several hours of sliding waves and climbing back onto my (inflatable - at least it's that - same thick round rails as a mat - makes me think about peeling off the fins) sup - the session in the beachbreak on the XL was just plain - GREAT! 

Anyone going to Brazil: Bring a mat and go to the beach!
Good people and good vibes.
Hope, all is well.


misterdirk said...

Always wanted to go there, now even more so.

Mike said...

The place just look like heaven! I love surfing in Vietnam but I would love to try it here too, anytime.