Jul 18, 2014

From Peter, Still On The Road ...

Hi Paul,

Here's the blog for my trip.

The surfmat has been awesome!

I'm behind a bit on posts so will try to upload some more.  Also having some trouble with my water camera, so troubleshooting that so I can take some more surf photos (I will upload a few soon but they're not great... Camera stopped working on the better shots last two sessions).



UPDATE:  7-19-14

Thanks, Paul!  Neat to be in surfmatters.

The mat has been great and lots of people are always interested in it - have directing people to check out your site (and just updated my gear page to include a link to surfmats.com as I keep getting so many questions about the mat).  It's for sure the ideal surf vehicle for a bike trip (might do a post about that) and lots of folks in general have just been stoked on they mat.


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