Mar 2, 2018

Adam And Oily

Howdy Paul

Another 😉 early morning raid with just Paul and myself, the moon was still beaming down thru the treeline as I paddled out , fun little peelers on the lower tide.

Caught a few for  #ericwouldgo , then a yummie breakfast and coffee!

The Lotus is still my favorite for the smaller dayz, with the Standard more of my bigger wave raft! 
I think the Standard has that more stable feel, but then again it all changes on the wave type we are riding, eg reef, point or beachie , and also how good the pilot is contributes greatly to the performance of the mat itself.
Me? I love all types of surf craft and it keeps my mind fresh and open to anything , riding mats are my favorite in 3/4 face (big) long wall waves, not so much about tube riding, but about ' surfing ' the wave with style and flow, where as I love riding my knees, paipo and hand planes in sucky, barrel  and tubey type waves! 
We are blessed here where we live, have some of the best waves on the NSW coastline, so many different setups , but its all so changing, the past 2 years, everyone is heading down this way, so way more people floating around.

Stay Well my Friend

May the Froth be with You 


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