Jun 21, 2012

From Max...

Hi PG,
Howzit? Hey, that pict of Mary gliding along on an average wave really says it for me. Fully supported with minimal wake. Nothing special yet such a focused moment. The Zen of matting. I've had 10,000 similar experiences and cherish them as awake vital memories. Words fail and feelings persist. Mat riding is a transcendental meditation. Surfing a prayer rug hand built by an acolyte of the holy global church of critical slide is most definitely a religious accomplishment. Enlightenment comes to the harmless who persist at bliss...
The pelican in the BG is onto Mary's moment.
Cheerio Dude,

Max ;) winking

PS The MiniMax is really good fun!

1 comment:

Surfsister said...

I am so slow! I saw the title of the post and just assumed that was a picture of Max. Then I looked closely and thought, "That looks like me." And it was!

I'm just waiting for a decent south swell. It's time (for another flash mob mat meet or, as I call them, big ass mat meet).

I miss riding my mat with my tribe.