Jun 13, 2012

From the Awesome JJ...

Hello PG!

Just wanted to follow up on the most excellent UDT mat you made me!

That's a wealth of info on the inside flange....a real "histogram".

To be honest, it hasn't had it's maiden voyage yet.....that'll have to happen soon, though.

Diggin' the waxed deck!.....can't wait to get this thing wet already!

I really like the "volumetric" feel of it.

As I mentioned in an earlier email, I'd provide some details regarding the perfect "marriage" for the UDT mat.

Here goes:

So, I'm at the LB swapmeet last month....and this dealer has a pair of dead stock 80's Duckfeet...still new in the box!

He mentions that they're "kinda big" too....so I slide one out of the box....they're freekin' UDTs!

So there ya have it......some match up huh? I've never seen UDT Duckfeet in that color configuration before!

They're usually brown, or black? I'll bet these babies are packing some thrust....

Thanks again Paul for all your hard work....I'll let ya know how it rides soon.


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PS: Here are some pics I took off the side of the box. Some neat 'ol graphic artwork from back in the day. I'm not sure who the artist was that did this "orange crate" style of advertisement? I'm thinking there's a guy named Bill Evans?...or perhaps Jim Phillips? I couldn't see anyone's signature....great art from a great era, for sure!


misterdirk said...

Wow, what a score, JJ. Looks like it could be Jim Evans' art.

pranaglider said...

What a score! The best thing I've found lately is a UDT with the good flexly rubber. Sadly it was just one fin and an extra large one so I passed. To find an orange and blue pair of UDT's in the original box is crazy rare!

Piskian said...

Nope,definitely the work of Bill Evans,legendary jazz ivorytinkler.And after a session in these torturous planks,your "plates o' meat"'ll probably be feeling "Kind of Blue"...

Jason A Gonzalez said...

WOW - I want to get these as iron-on decals, these logos are the bomb!

BTW, the first real KB swimfins I had were Duck Feet "Naval Oranges" that lasted 10 years, with rainbow cuff fin savers!