Jun 30, 2012

This Day In Central Coast Weather History...


"2010 - One of quickest temperature drops ever seen in San Luis Obispo County happened two years ago. At 12:17 p.m. the air temperature in the Avila Valley reached 107 degrees with a dry 13 percent humidity level.

The northwesterly winds increased and brought in cooler  and moist air from the Pacific Ocean. In 40 minutes, the temperature dropped to 70 degrees and the humidity level  increased to 72 percent by 12:57 p.m., a 37 degree temperature drop!

Further inland, the temperature reached 107 degrees at Cal Poly and shattered the official record for the date  of 100 degrees, set in 1993. Paso Robles also hit 107  degrees, breaking the previous record of 103,
also set in 1993."

One of the best swell and weather prognostications on the Central Coast of California is located here, at the Tenera Environmental page.

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pranaglider said...

So why did this happen? High pressure move out and a low move in? Was there wind? You've peaked my interest!