Jun 3, 2012

NY Mat Meet/Tam Teem 2012

hey paul,

i finally sewed together the video from the mat meet, thought i would send it your way for you to enjoy and post if you see fit. ;)

glad to see all those testimonials on your blog! i hope business stays busy and that in some small way this vid wil contribute to that.



P.S. here is a vid that gives the brooklyn mat surfer subway commute. since you so thoughtfully included it in your post on the mat meet ;):


Piskian said...

I'd have turned back for the $1 pizza if I'd heard Jack's Johnson pumping out of the subway...
Otherwise,right on.

Piskian said...

Nice rJD2 tho!

justin said...

ha thanks piskian, you are welcome to ride the train with me and eat dollar pizza when you come out to the metropolis!

justin said...

sans the jack johnson, but maybe with some dan the automator and prince paul.

waveslider said...

Nice to see some mat footage from the E coast. Thought I was all alone out here.

Look me up at "the oak" if you are ever in lbi


justin said...

will do that matman! and i will try to keep you up to date if we have any matmeets in other spots along the east coast.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Thanks! Loved it, including the Jack Johnson song, and the pizza sounds great too. Aloha!

David from Philly said...

Looks great including getting tubed in the subway. There are other E-coast matters..

Did OC NJ that weekend .. had some nice waves and ate crab cakes on the boardwalk (not $1 though). Mostly ride mat from Long Island (Hamptons) to OBX. Also ride an Auston Paipo these days. I go back to mid 60s E-coast long boarding.

Please publicize next mat meet and I will come.

I have trips to Cape May NJ (June), Assateaque Island (July), Buxton NC (Aug) as well as day trips to Nothern NJ and OC NJ coming up this summer. Would enjoy hanging with other E-coast matters that happen to be around.