Jun 13, 2012

Mat Deck Stoke!

Hi Paul,

Your nylon canvas deck material is still my favorite.

I was out riding some wind swell last week at my favorite San Diego reef break. I really noticed how much I move around on my mat in that kind of surf.

I slide a little more off the rear of the mat to slow it down for short hollow pockets, and shift forward again to accelerate across fast forming sections. If I get separated from my mat for an instant--on late take-offs or when hitting a bump at high speed--sometimes I land out of position, requiring a quick shift back into trim position.

When mat surfing in semi-junk, which is my normal crowd-avoidance strategy, your nylon canvas deck material works super well. I can move myself around on the deck as needed, but I never slip off or get pushed off.

I have, in fact, been on a quest for the ideal deck grip ever since my first 4GF with the red canvas glue-ons. All my pre-Hybrid models have been modified, but none of them work for me as well as the Hybrid deck.

Tom T.

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