Aug 25, 2010

A few more snaps from the Cottons Mat Meet

I put a few snapshots up, taken now and then throughout the day last Sunday.


Growling Gecko said...

Thanks MD. I would really like to know who a few of those folks are. I recognised Surfsister of course but the rest? Nada!

pranaglider said...

That's me on the right and Graham Day (Twinfin) on the left. Dirk had loaned me his new roundtail.

mattitude said...

Thanks Dirk , cant wait for the vid edit .
posting to a gallery is the way to go !
i think surfsista said she has something like 300 shots of matters from that day .
M if you could do a gallery im sure everyone would be more then stoked.

we are all mat photos junkies who need to see others to learn .

Surfsister said...

Tell me how to do a gallery! I am a surfer who mats and writes a blog. That's about the extent of my knowledge of this stuff.

I must say that Ken's pictures are just fantastic. He got a lot of sequences and a lot of action shots. I learned by both being in the water with you guys and then looking through the photos.

I am sending all of the shots up to PG soon. PG, do you know how to do a gallery?

mattitude said...

M i can put them up on my yahoo matriders groups page .

i made a folder for it for you already :)
i dont mind doing it. but if you want to feel free as anyone can join and add photos. if anyone has a better place please post it . i looked at smugmug which is really cool as they allow you to sell your photos but they want 149$ a year for a pro membership