Aug 25, 2010

Video footage from the August 22 Mat Meet

Although it's a real pleasure to edit footage, I promised myself that I'd just get this sequence shipshape then let it go. I'll be wrangling many more hours of it if all goes well this year. So fly away, my dove, I'm back on the hunt again.

If you want to download and save it for yourself, click the movie and go to Vimeo. It will be available to dl for a little while. And it seems that you can only view it in HD from that site, so what the hey!, just go to Vimeo and savor all the gusto!


Growling Gecko said...

Fantastic MD. You guys must have been stoked to see the conditions when you arrived. I went to Vimeo, ran it full screen in HD, sat back on the couch and marvelled at the sight of so many mat riders streaming so fast across the face of the lovely big waves that were coming through. Definitely some of the best mat riding footage I have seen for awhile. Thanks for that!

misterdirk said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm, Ramsnake! Yeah, we were very lucky with those primo conditions. Naturally the pictures and video only convey a bit of it. I'm stoked, though, because it's an auspicious way to inaugurate the movie project, and I can only expect that we'll get more and even better stuff this coming year.

Surfsister said...

Awesome!! I was there and the video just gives me goosebumps! The mats were killing it! When I was at Newport yesterday, a guy on a bodyboard was excitedly talking about what he'd seen at Cottons on Sunday. He said he's definitely getting a mat. Another convert!

Growling Gecko said...

Oh yeh. I have just had another look at it and the speed of the mats is just awesome.
Just left the boogers and the boards floundering!
It is such a rush to watch and I cannot wait to get back on one or other of my mats for another session!
I am not surprised a few of those other waveriders are thinking
"Umm, I might be missing out on something here?"
and seriously considering get a mat themselves.
Excellent stuff and a terrific core of footage along with the UK Mat Meet for the Mat Movie as you say MD!
I am waiting for a weekday when the conditions are good and not so crowded to get some footage from here which will hopefully provide some further useful footage!

LESider said...