Oct 2, 2010

Mara and Makai!


Got the mat today--thanks for being so prompt.

We still have swell here today, but also today, the most radical thunderstorms I have ever seen in San Diego -- which has kind of graduated to light rain the past couple hours

Around noon, bright lightning & deafening thunder claps, so it was right over us
I have 2 Golden retrievers -- youngest at 3 is a big girl. I thought maybe she had taken off when the big storm was on us, then found her 1/2-way squeezed under my bed (no way she could fit)so her 1st lightning/thunderstorm really scared the ___ out of her!

Here's hoping 4 some warm water - as has been rumored this week...tho OB tower still read 63 today.

Thanx again - (it would be cool to meet in the sea one day :))


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Glassics said...

OB is always colder then elsewhere. Drive up the road a bit.
Water's pushin' 70 degrees in San Clemente