Nov 27, 2010

4GF Mail Call...

Hi Paul,

Even though it´s trivial, I just wanted to send you a "report" of my first attempts on the XL in seriously crappy 5 sec. interval 1-2 ft. Miami "surf":

- I don´t have a chin rash again and had that "good feeling" in (!!!) the wave. Did you change the black fabric or am I actually progressing?...

- The XL worked much better for my 200lbs than the Tracker RT in small conditions. (Who would have thought so?)...

- Again!! This time my kiteboarding copilot - smiled about the speedy "glide" once the wave picked him up.

- The other copilot was fascinated by: "You can roll the thing up and put it in your pocket"

Savor the praise and the positive vibe - one can never get enough of that.

Any customers in Dubai? I´ll be there on the 13th.

Cheers from cold and snowy-white Germany




Mats got here this afternoon, in time for a thanksgiving session!!

I snuck out on the UDT this afternoon. First one I caught, dropped in, banked a bottom turn, and just flew down the line and took it all the way in to the beach.

Number two, banked another bottom turn, took a little line, bottom turned again, and pulled into the barrel and came out.

And then, the next 6 or 7 I completely kooked out and could barely get in or hold a line.

I'm hooked!

Thanks again. I'll keep you updated.



Hey Paul,

I just wanted to drop you a small email since I've had several surfs recently on the behemoth mat you made for me! (Greenough-spec UDT.)

The conditions lately have been poor to be quite honest, but the UDT (with round tail and short I - beams) performed as promised!

The take-off was always an easy treat BUT what energy I did conserve kicking into waves was quickly sapped from me after making my way slowly to the line-up again. It's a whole lotta fabric! To be fair, the waves were not always the micro waves I had thought them to be upon entering the water, a lot in the 4ft range and unpredictable. What REALLY surprised me was its ability to 'suck' down onto the wave surface. We suffered no slide-outs whatsoever!

It was really fun being able to only make one basic correction at take-off and then doing else except tearing along the face of messy walls at speed!

The mat is a winner and I thank you!




Hey Paul,

Just wanted to let you know how stoked I am with the mat i got from you, the roundtail tracker! Having a lot of fun out there, despite the entire line up ignoring my presence (narrow minds eh!).

Took a few surf's to get used to it, but each session was building my experience/skill exponentially. Very forgiving and fun mat, stoked I got one!

Thanks again, kind regards,

Barry, NSW, Australia.


Hello Paul,

Just letting you know the Standard arrived today,23 Nov. Thanks. Also had a great session on the RT at a spot near Margaret River on the weekend Head high sucky wave and the RT went fantastic!!. It will be interesting to see how the Standard compares with the RT. We are getting into summer now so swell is usually low in our summer not that our winter has been good for swell this year ,very few good days.

Thanks again.

Cheers Eric



Yes, Ron is riding a mat all the time and loving it! Doesn't ride his surfboards anymore. We have a trip to Cardon, Mexico planned for next year and are looking forward to bringing our mats.

Easy packing!




I actually like that I can't read my standard's label anymore because it means that I've surfed it a lot. :-)



Thank you Paul, great service a s usual.

I now have a complete quiver of 4th Gear Flyers :)





UDT arrived on Friday. That's fast. Had a chance to try this past weekend, and wow. Got a few waves that hinted at what is possible. Surf was kinda mushy, but had some size. Quite a work-out. Not used to kicking fins, especially full-size UDT (old style). You need to be a navy seal to use those. A few more sessions and I think I will have a feel for the mat.

Thanks again for your patience and generosity. I think I may be a life-long matter.


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Growling Gecko said...

Wow, seems like it is really starting to take off. I will have to plan a trip to Margs for a session with Eric!!