Nov 2, 2010

How Much Fun Do You Wanna Have???

A big shipment of material just arrived!


The 4GF Standard will go on sale for the month of November.

$135 USD.

The Standard is our all-time favorite high performance mat, and we think everybody under 200 pounds should have one in their quiver.

But, if you're over 200 lbs, consider one anyway, because when it's head high or better, it flies. A lot of plus-sized mat riders have tried a Standard, and are blown away by how much fun they have when the surf has some grunt.

How to order:

Write me at fourthgearflyer at, and put "Standard Sale" in the subject line. (You don't have to use that subject line, but it will help us.) I'll get back to you within a day or two with the ordering instructions.

Several Provisos:

This offer won't be held over past the end of November. One month only. If someone orders one on November 30th, and the time stamp on the order is Dec 1 or even 2, that's OK. Things like that happen when dealing with world wide customers living in all the various time zones, etc. But no whining that you want the Standard deal on December 3rd!!!!

This offer will not be a part of the "buy two get one free" deal. If you want a quiver during the month of November, it's $398 for three mats, regardless of what mats you want.

No promises on the delivery time. We're all caught up at the moment, but if a lot of orders come in due to the sale, then we might have a 2-3 week build time. But no more than that.

Any non-sale orders that come in this month will go straight to the head of the line.

This offer won't be posted on our web page. This is for the readers of Surfmatters. Of course, anyone can order a Standard on sale, but we aren't going to post it on our site.

Some nice shots of Greenough riding the Standard...


misterdirk said...

Neat shot of your workshop, PG. I like seeing the 7 Crystal Scrolls lined up in back there, from which all good forms derive! It all seems deceptively simple, but that's something that I admire about mats. They contain and represent so much invisible intelligence.

The "Standard" is aptly named. It would be my desert island choice, for sure. All the other styles and designs can be evaluated and measured against that central index point.

Grant me grunt!

Growling Gecko said...

Yes indeed, a rare view into the inner sanctum!
For, it is in this very place, where craft are created that allow mere mortals luckily unburdened by ego to transform into Gods!

pranaglider said...

"How Much Fun Do You Wanna Have???"
Does the dial go up to 11? ;)

LESider said...

I'm looking to order two doses of fun. One for my girl and one for me. Will be in touch soon.

pranaglider said...

LESider, this is brilliant!
I'm going to try this ploy tonight!
"Honey bunch, I'm getting two new mats for US!"