Nov 20, 2010

NZ Weighs In!


Jonathan from NZ here. The mat arrived last week, safe and sound. I can see that you got additional postal information for it, so - thanks for that - and that it cost a bundle to ship. Thanks for that too. I'm sorry to cut into your profit margin that way. I'm doing my best to get my friends to buy mats, spreading the gospel - so I hope you get some more orders, and you certainly will from me in the future!

Been going through some revelations about wave riding in my life. I read something you wrote about the "egoless" quality of wave riding on a mat. I've been seeing/feeling the way wave riding becomes pared to a sort of animal (dolphin, and now we see, orca!) essence... steering away from the hand-jive, dance-like expression that's maybe the best of knee and stand up styles (and far away from the modern skateboard trick style - I call this capitalist surfing, but I won't get started...). Using the mat feels like an exploratory journey deeper into pure wave riding- once again, a surprisingly new thing at this stage of my life.

Next: crawl into some sea-cave and forget my own name....


Uh, forgot my name already!

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