Nov 12, 2010

Boardbag Blues?

A travel-wise mat rider cashes in on big airline savings!

Thanks for getting back to me on this and thanks for all your help in spec'ing and ordering the mats.

I don't know if you have seen it, but just the other day Surfline published an update of the airline transport fees for boardbags from most major airlines ("Boardbag Blues"). Between the high rates and the fact that most times you can't even tell whether the airline will even take your boardbag until you get to the airport, travelling with surfboards is getting to be untenable these days. Perhaps something you can work into the portion of the website which extols the virtues of travelling with surfmats....

Delta - $200 each way per surfboard bag.

United - Domestic $100 each way per surfboard, International $200 each way per surfboard.

American - $150 each way (charge is per surfboard bag if neatly packed and under 50lbs).

Continental - $100 each way for 2 surfboards , $400 each way for 3 surfboards, $700 each way for 4 surfboards.

Taca - $125 each way per surfboard bag (max. 2 surfboards), $175 extra for additional surfboards.

Copa - $75 each way per surfboard bag.

Jet Blue - $75 per bag (max. length 80 inches and accepted on space available basis only).

Southwest - $50 each way per surfboard bag.

Air Paciifc - $50 each way per surfboard bag.

More here...

Just some food for thought...

Mike M.


LESider said...

Considering a three day trip to Miami next week since my girl is working down there for a week. I'll be able to throw my board I mean mat right into my carry on!

I really think I'm at the point that if I was going on a surf trip that I might only take a couple mats and fins with me. I'm actually fantasizing about a trip to Peru with a week in Chicama and then a hassle free (surfboard free) journey up to Machu Picchu for a week.

Piskian said...

I've hiked around Iceland,Arctic Norway and Svalbard,Japanese islands,Tonga,Hawaiian Islands and of course West Cornwall lugging bodyboards.In the words of Rod Stewart"How I wish I knew then,what I know now!"