Nov 18, 2010

What Your Air Carrier Doesn't Want You To Know!!!

Tom, a pilot of some repute, inflating his new Tracker RT during a layover in Chicago!

While surfboards and bicycles are getting the shaft under the guise of "excess baggage" at check-in, surfmats are gliding through with nary a notice.

Why is that, you ask?

Sure...deflated mats are tucked neatly away in your suitcase. But a more nefarious mechanism is at work!

You see, "The International Airline Pilot, Mat Rider And Off Duty Social Drinker's Association" (TIAPMRAODSDA in airline industry shorthand) has leveraged its awesome power to influence major carriers' policy. In short, the nose-dripping-saltwater chaps in the cockpit are responsible for your super cheap, surf mat vacations!

Hats off to these flyboys...without them, who knows what it would cost to schlep a quiver of mats on board your flight to Sri Lanka!

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