Jan 22, 2013

A Verbal-Visual From Peter...

The San Lorenzo River was at flood stage about a month ago. As always during the first big dump, the water was chocolate brown and full of debris – tree trunks, boards, fences, plastics, etc. etc. There was a huge raft of debris, maybe 50’ x 50’, stuck in the standing wave about even with the edge of the beach - water pouring out and a fairly sizable messy swell pushing in.
In that standing wave was what appeared to be a longboard and a budget rubber yellow and blue raft...designed for pools and lakes.
The longboard would flip and flip, and flip and then slide against the current, then pop over the whitewater only to start the flipping action again. Over and over.
The inflatable, the other hand, rode the front wave perfectly the whole time – sorta going left, then sorta going right, steadily and with style. Sorry I didn’t bring a camera, but I thought it something you might be able to picture.

I hope you have a healthy and happy 2013.


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