Jan 16, 2013

From Kendog...


Not sure if this will open for you it's kinda old and in my primitive state I'm not sure how to send it. The vid is of Mattitude, on a winter day at Wiggums.
Huge outside swell so much so we couldn't find anything ridable in the giant wind that accompanied the swell. But there was Wiggums all tucked in for us. The Coast Guard actually closed the entrance to the bay for small boats as the conditions were really sketchy. We ditched them in the small boat by hugging the cliffs. Once they caught on to the Zodiac, they followed us to anchor and laughed when we jumped in with our mats.

Three hours later we were the ones laughing. I ploughed off the boat with my Super 8 and tripod and set up under the cliffs to shoot this. I only caught him on a few waves cause I seriously wanted to go surfing. Then I had to pack up, and paddle back to the Zodiac before jumping in to surf.

Mattitude's riding a 4th Gear Flyer, one of the first ones you sent me. Fun waves but really cold.



Jeff said...

Fun looking wave!

GRAYMAN said...

Great restraint on the last one.


Mateo said...

Love that wave! The zodiac attack!