Jan 4, 2013

From Tim...

Hi Paul,

I wish you and all the surf-mat riders around the world a happy new year. Somehow I’m convinced that 2013 will be the year of the surf-mat and I intend to “share the stoke” whenever I can, starting with a little video about my first ever non-solo surf-mat session. It’s incredible fun being able to share the same wave and not being afraid to get hurt or ding my board.

I had two more sessions together with my wife, which were also a lot of fun. In total I spend more than one week at the Atlantic cost of southern Spain and brought my longboard too. The board had a ding and I had the intention to fix it but I ended up using only my mats and they were to much fun. I had loads of beautiful rides in very different conditions - from tiny to overhead, from beachbreak to pointbreak - all types of waves are fun on a mat.

Thank you so much for making those incredibly versatile surf-riding vehicles.

Kind regards,


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Jeff said...

Loved that one!Good stuff.