Jan 20, 2013

Hand Brake Rail Grab...

Jeff's VW...

Sorry, no surf photos as of now, but here is Jeff's method for holding in...



Just got out of the water on the Vespa.I have sorted out the sliding problem I was having.

If I grab the outside rail along side my body and pull up to initiate a roll turn it comes up like a dream!!!!! Steeper face, grab further back. It's like pulling up on the emergency brake on a VW as opposed to grabbing the corner of the mat and shaking it like an old rug. High tide waves are the best for the mat.I was riding them to the sand making knee to waist high waves so much fun. I'd have been bogging out on other equipment.This is crazy but I've been matting 90% of my sessions.It's too much fun!!!!

Thanks again for such an awesome surf mat!!!!!!!




The parking brake rail grab works awesome in barrels!!!!! Had a great north swell yesterday
the Vespa was king of the barrel! It looked like I knew what I was doing.Likes a high line.Sorry to blabber but

It keeps getting better every time I use it!!!!!
Thanks again


jeff said...

:) Love it!

nathanoj said...

oo...gonna try this!(grabbing further back)