Jan 22, 2013

From Dirk...

 Photos: Dirk and Steve
Some of you may recall that we started shooting a modest little film about a man (kendog) riding a surfmat down a river to the waves. It's taken shape slowly and pretty organically.
Last week Ken, who is a bottomless barrel of stoke, called me in anticipation of some great weather and a predicted swell, so we jammed up to our camp site in order to get some more shots. Ken brought along his affable friend Steve Senese, who lent a shoulder to the efforts and helped things move along nicely.
The surf was flat when we arrived but jumped overnight to become out-of-control huge the next morning. I had no compulsion to send Ken out there, but he watched very carefully for about an hour before making a canny approach and catching some of the more shapely beasts in between sets. The sets themselves were solid walls of disaster, and no one had an easy time of it when they rolled through.
I got my shots, and then we took a gorgeous drive back to my comfort zone to ride some more pretty waves. It was a terrific expedition, and I think I have everything that I need to finish this little piece of film. Now it's time to edit, which I really enjoy doing.


Grayman said...

Such a great looking spot.


Piskian said...

Where's Merryl and inbreds on banjos?I can't see this appealing to the Americans."Catching shapely breasts"sounds good for us Euros,though.

Anonymous said...

What a great adventure... cant wait to see the finished movie !