Dec 17, 2013

From Aaron ..

Photos: John Fourqurean

Met a nice man at Rincon yesterday morning during a high-tide session. He is interested in getting a mat. He looks like he weighs around 160 lbs. Omni could be a good mat for him to learn on.
He was nice enough to forward a photo sequence he took. This was a small inside wave where I was setting up to go head-first, with a little hand drag for style. The mat is the Lotus 7. 
All the best,


Anonymous said...

These are interesting shots as it shows the lotus 7 can get motoring in small waves too. How much does Aaron weight out of interest? Steve

Matt said...

I am still hoping to hook up with Aaron some day. I surfed Rincon today, no other mat riders present at that time. Very uncrowded and lots of fun!!