Dec 23, 2013

From Surfy Surfy ...


I got the Lotus 7 today and got to ride it in some pretty good waves, glassy shoulder high with some overhead sets long peeling walls on some, fat shoulders after bowly take offs on others.

Must say the curtains have parted for me on this mat deal. For the first time I really felt like I was surfing the the thing instead of just riding it. Nice to be able to engage the rail and drive off the bottom and bla bla bla. To keep it brief I'm really stoked on the width works really good and I can duck dive it 1000% better.

Think this may be my daily driver as it just feels right for my height and weight. Pulled out of one set wave thinking I could go a little narrower next time.

Thanks so much,
Peter St Pierre

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harmless neighborhood eccentric said...


Anonymous said...

A relief when those bloody curtains get out of the way!

Piskian said...

If tecurtans e parting,it may e th yourance is too wide.
Merry Chrismas PG and all matters!