May 7, 2014

From International Man Of Mystery, Tom

Hi Paul,

Aloha from Riyadh, KSA... Here in the desert and dust I´m finally getting around to write you.

The mini and the standard arrived as planned. Thanks for the timing.

Had a few days between San Francisco and Santa Cruz back then. The waves were lumpy and windy but my colleague an I had fun. He kept one of my Trackers, bought some good fins and kept smiling
(maybe you can see it in the crappy  framegrab) as soon as he got in the water!

My 10yr old son loves the mini and had fun in Brazil for two days!

I´m still working out "positioning-issues" of the ego-cam on my helmet. Haven´t been able to film any decent angles yet, but maybe the waves just haven´t been any good for film as well.

Besides that I still hate entering the water looking like a martian dork and having to fiddle with the buttons before taking off, so maybe it´s just bad karma in that respect.

Anyway, the local Brazilian stalled, give me the right of way and smiled.

Mats are great!


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