Feb 11, 2021

From Amanda


Hi Paul:

I really enjoy zipping down tall, peaky waves that give me a big drop and then let me ride the foam all the way in. I'm stronger kicking than paddling, so I'm most often off the back of the mat to get out, although at times when the swell is calm, I try to paddle as well. I'm open to any model and think, especially with snowboarding season being a bust this year, I could build up a bit of a quiver I've tried a few other mats but none work for me like yours do, so maybe I need to become a collector!

I ride my bike down to the surf each day and never have an audience or a camera, so the only pic I have is of my beloved mat and fins—no action shots yet! I mat with John Webb who also rocks a Standard, so we'll have to find someone to get a shot of us together some morning. 

Thanks again for everything, Paul! 

Joy to you and Gloria,


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