Feb 21, 2021

From Ara


Hi Paul,

I was just reading your Surfmatters post from Joe in Mass and have a suggestion for him? Over the years I've experimented with the same issue he's describing. For matting cold NE water in the Winter the very best type of mittens are ones that have quality built in sharkskin material for the palms. Hyperflex 6mm or 7mm oven mitts are by far the very best example I have found.

With very best wishes,

Ara P


Unknown said...

Thanks for that info Ara. I was looking at the 7mm Hyperflex mit. Like the mits because they’re warmer and I can dry them quickly inside out. More importantly, I’m glad to hear there are other people on surf mats in my area. I’ve never seen anyone else on a mat in person. Just in videos. Maybe I’ll run into you sometime. I’m in RI often. Joe

pranaglider said...

"People stopping people just to shake their mits..."