Feb 14, 2021

From Cory


Hi Paul,

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your masterful surfmat craftsmanship. I've been riding my Standard for nearly 2 months now in SF and I just can't get enough of it! Many great sessions already in big and small conditions. I think I've enjoyed the smaller days more, where I can really explore the capabilities of the mat. I'm certainly still a beginner getting the hang of it, and the learning process has been pure joy.

Anywho, yesterday I was out with a friend who was riding a Fatty, so we traded off for a few waves and I got to give it a try. I was surprised by the amount of control it allowed me. I was able to make some cuts and turns I hadn't yet achieved on the Standard. It's possible it was the quality of that particular wave, the low inflation, or any number of variables. After a couple waves I said to myself - that's it, I want another mat...

In all honesty, I'll probably end up with all 3 in my quiver eventually. But I won't get my 3rd mat until I get my 2nd, so I hope you can share some insight on what that should be!

Thanks again! I'm definitely a 4GF lifer now. PS - I attached a clip of one of my first waves I caught on the Standard at Fort Point, hope you'll enjoy :)


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tuskedbeast said...

Hi Cory! Would love to meet you and any other SF matters for a meet up. Get in touch via my work email
truelovewalks at gmail dot com
Best, Jonathan