Feb 20, 2021

From Joe


Paul. Question for you. I just bought some new mittens because it’s so damn cold here in Massachusetts and they just slide off the Mat. I was using a different brand glove and lobster claw thing before and they gripped fine. Have you ever heard of this?  Any recommendations for something I could put on the mits to help them grip the mat better?  I figured I’d check with you before I went out and bought another pair of mits. FYI I’ve been riding my mat all the time. I love it!  Having so much fun!

 I just ordered 7mm gloves from a diving store. Honestly I think gloves may be better for holding on anyway. If they don’t work I’ll try coating them with something. Thanks 


Hey Paul. Just thought I’d give you an update in case anyone else ever has the same issue. The gloves I got were a little slippery as well. I have this stuff called Blobb which you have probably heard of. It’s for surf related repairs and it’s a little tacky when dry so i put it on the finger tips and palms of the gloves. I made sure it was textured to help grip. It works great. No problems holding on. Probably holds better than my bare hands. 



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