Aug 14, 2010

From Marc in the Netherlands...

Hi Paul,

I hope that given the circumstances, your mother is doing fine.

I just returned from my honeymoon to Bali. The waves were great! I had very good and long rides. My cheeks are still hurting from the smile on my face!

My wife shot some mat pictures of me. They are not razor sharp, but it shows the good waves in Bali! I brought my XL and my standard model. The standard worked great!

Speak to you soon.




mattitude said...

looks like marc scored some nice waves . the great thing about matting is you can go somewhere like bali and your idea of the best waves is different then most of the other traveling surfers.

all the classic spots need to be rediscovered for mat potential.

GRAYMAN said...


I actually reckon many spots previously considered average can be re-defined as mat classics.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mattitude,

That's totaly true! In Bali i searched for nice peaks with small crowds. On peaks where a surfer can't get waves (sloppy sections) i had great sessions cause a mat simply runs over these sloppy sections to make it al to way to the inside section. The local bali guys didn't saw a mat before and they came up to me asking about my "weird board" because i catched so much setwaves! They liked it alot. I stayed in Legian.



Compare Hotels said...

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