Mar 27, 2018

Chris Falzone

The 4GF mat surfing community continues to grow as more talented people come out of the woodwork all the time. We try our best to give everyone props (do people still say that?), but of course, many deserving individuals still create in anonymity.

That said, there's one guy you should doff your cap to (another dated cliche'? ) His name is Chris Falzone, and, in friend Rob Pollard's words, "Chris is a husband, father, son, friend to many, 6 years a surfer, photographer, musician, multi-craft surf-wizard (mats, boards, handplanes, etc.), purveyor of stoke, dreamer, and wave hound."

Rob continues:  "Chris has been a Big Influence on me as a Surfer and Friend. I have Learned a lot from him over the years. Chris is Stoked in and out of the water! He Charges Everything from Dribblers to Drainers, but always takes time to Capture some Moments for the Boys on camera! I am Proud to call him a Friend, and Always Stoked to Share waves with him! He has Always Shared his Positive Mat Surfing Experiences with the people we meet in and out of the water! Yeeeeewwwww!

Chris is an ambidextrous slider with no preference, right or left! He has a Very Free Style letting go when he Mat Rides! He rides DaFins, Duckfeet, and Yucca Fins! His favorite mat so far is a 4GF Standard SS! He plays the Guitar, Ukulele, and various other instruments. He was a music major in College at Florida State.

 I’ve always Admired his Style on the mat, the way he Rides just looks Fun and Cool 😎!"

Some of Chris's memorable photographic images of Rob...


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

So nice!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Epic stuff!

Chris Falzone said...

I am truly honored! I have to say that riding a mat has been a revelation, and has gotten me into the water much more often since I added that first Fatty to my quiver - regardless of conditions. The feeling of floating on the wave is as close to flying as I can imagine! (perhaps this is why I subconsciously spread my arms when I take flight?) I am also frequently humbled by the challenge of riding the mat, which I didn’t fully appreciate until I picked one up.
Without a doubt, some of the gnarliest sessions I’ve had over the last year were on the Standard SS – when its onshore and too nasty for anyone to paddle a board out Rob and I have caught some of the most memorable slides when it was all I could do to hang on! I am grateful that Rob introduced me to this craft – his stoke and love for the mat is inspiring and I’m hopeful that I can pay it forward!
I will forever have mats in my quiver as it just opens up so many more opportunities to tap into that wave energy we all love, thank you Paul for creating these surf-craft and sharing them with the world!

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeeewwwwww! Chris has the Goods, I’m sure of it! Thanks so much for pointing your camera in my direction! I’m Super Grateful for your Friendship and Company in the lineup! Keep Spreading the Stoke Bro!

KingWaka said...

Colour & Light and all Things Nice! A.S.S salutes You!