Mar 7, 2018

From Rob


Hi Paul,

I went to the Plaza tonight after work on the Standard. It was pretty crowded, but I sat way outside by myself, and only took bomb sets. Lots of hoots and nobody jumped the shoulder (I hooted at two guys off on the first wave in flight) after I surfed the first wave. It was a blast! People never see it coming 😃.

Here are a few pictures from our bodysurfing session yesterday. Chris took most of the shots but I used his housing and camera on a couple. Mat Surfing pictures should filter in to me through the week. These where Marks handplanes. He just started a brand, Stoked Handplanes. He brought demos out for us to try.

This was my second dedicated bodysurfing session. I feel like it complements my mat surfing, and is making me a more complete waterman, but mats are, and always will be, my first Love! I’ve been sort of stressing about this since Chris sent the pictures and Mark went crazy over them.


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