Mar 4, 2018

Latest From Rob


First I want to say the people that are in the path of winter storm Riley are in my Prayers, and I’m sending them Positive Vibes and Healing Energy!

I decided not to drive south for the swell because the wind will only be favorable in a few locations during the biggest part of the swell. Crowds for waves like that don’t sound like my Cup of Tea. I’m staying here and playing it by ear.

We surfed yesterday and the wind wasn’t that bad but the paddle was a bitch! Long hard paddle outside during low tide, drifting South on the inside like a river, with a slow drift North on the outside. Fun session but challenging!

A sequence of my bouncing down the line trying not to smile 😃! 👇🏼

I'm taking a day off to see what tomorrow brings. I'm a little beat up after multiple long paddles, and a couple of proper beatings on the inside, but damn was that fun! I was riding the Lotus SS!

Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love from Florida 🤙🏼!

Super Stoked,


KingWaka said...

Yew Rob! great pictures, Colour , Froth & huge Smiles !!
Flying Fourth Gear Frother!

Anonymous said...

The froth is strong in this one

tuskedbeast said...

Love the last photo with the pelicans :)