Jul 31, 2012

Brett Christens His 5GF!!!

Hi Paul,

Grabbed the 5GF today, for some reason I felt compelled to take it today even though the surf wasn't very big. Loved it straight away felt fast and solid, rode at 180 fold. Inflation made duck diving easy. Its hard to put in words but I really have been happy after riding this mat and I know Im going to riding it a lot more after today. I always say about different models is they all go unreal they just go different. I noticed that the 5GF didnt have the same glide as my Standard (remember it was small) but the speed enabled me to burn out a massive cutty if needed. I love the Standard but I love the 5GF too now...it makes me want to go in bigger waves than I thought I could on a mat.



Unknown said...

HA! Attack formation! I love it!

misterdirk said...

Those waves are so spectacular and the matiriding so fun, the tilt of the horizon just locks it. I'm not critiquing -- I'm cheering!