Jul 5, 2012

From Regis...

Hi Paul,
It's Regis from Biarritz France. This is a long mail. Many things arrive to me since I receved your surfmat. I was closed in my mind I think only longboards. Now it's like a big explosion in my mind. I don't have to explain how i feel on a mat. Last day I open my garage to take a board for a friend and i found mouse family in my cover board, baby birds on my boards on the top off my vw, and two little bats sleeping inside. And it was a cloud of dust when I move one. You can t imagine how the mat change my life. It takes me in parts off the wave I've never been, and it makes me trust in myself.
I decide to take care about myself. I lost 20kg and I decide to stop smoking. Now my only drugs are life and surfmat. I always dream to be a traveler walking with my shoes, a hat and a board. Now with the mat my dream is really close. I prepare myself to be more in harmony with the planet.
I've seen a movie off a girl call Lynx. A woman out of time. She's back in the mountains living like primitive human without modern things...out off the system. I'll give me 3 years to arrive. I feel so full of positive energy. I read this one day: "There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way." And it works. Since I say that every morning all is easy. Nobody can be happy for me. Only I can find the joy inside me. Surfing a mat opens my mind that much.
I've seen many people who don't take time to say thank you when someone make them happy. Paul you've never met me, you don t know me, you just make a mat. But trust me when i tell you it change all my life. Thanks Paul.
To finish this, i will save money to buy more mats. I used to let my friends use my boards and mats. Lots off them are kids and they don't have money. Last time waves been perfect and 3 friends wait for me so they can try a mat. Make me sad to say no or to make a choice to decide who take the mat. I would like to take some to share them with my best friend. Clovis, one my friends, has got 2 surfmats now and he told me you put a photo off my little VW and my dogs on your home page. That's the only material things I need for the moment. And my dog and I are inseparable. It's funny, thanks.
And to finish it, a stupid thing happened to me in Byron Bay. I was dreaming, walking on a street when I was nearly hit by George. He looks behind him to see why I have these big eyes. I'm just immobile. I feel so stupid. I never see his reaction. I know he didn't like to be disturbed. It was a big moment for me just a couple of seconds, but I remember it all. It was in 2000. A part of me stays in Australia...Crescent Head my is favorite place.
Ok ok ok ok I stop. Just thanks Paul. Hope to see you in real and ask you many many many question about every thing. See you. Have fun.
Just a photo off my quiver lost in my garage since youre mat arrive...


misterdirk said...

Wow, incredible, fantastic! And Regis, you're not the only one!

David from Philly said...

I love your outlook .. keep it up. I just sold a long board to pay for a mini mat. Forgive me for promoting materialistic attachement but do what ever you must with bondo .. but keep the bus!