Jul 18, 2012

From Brett...

Hi Paul,

We've had many days of good small beach days and a few point days. Michelle had her best session yet on the 5GF today on way overhead beachies, she got 3 screamers and has been amped all day on the biggest rides of her life.

I have developed a manoeuvre which I named the train. Best done with a female mat rider where you ride up behind and lock on to the tail of her mat and continue to ride effectively giving you a rail line of over 8 feet, the rider behind has to steer as the front rider has no control, its a lot of fun.

Heres some photos of the types of waves we've been getting

Mat riding forever


misterdirk said...

Wow, Brett, your waves look like paradise to me--certainly great for mat riding!

Anonymous said...

Thanks misterdirk,despite the crowds we still get some classic sessions especially on the mats.
Mat riding forever

GRAYMAN said...

Better than the crap we've been getting.

I did that maneouver once with Cookson. We called it the copulating seal.