Jul 17, 2012

How Do You Say "Stoked" In Belarusian???

I was looking at our global map (on the lower right of this site) last night, just to see if anyone was on-board, and from what parts of the world they were from. California and Australia are the most frequent visitors, of course, so there was a smattering of that lot.

Anyway, I was amazed to see someone from Minsk, in Belarus, was looking in. And they stayed on-line for over 5 minutes. Pretty interesting!

Maybe is was this guy? If he orders, what model do you think he should get???


Piskian said...

Probably should get a Delta mat to counterbalance the rotundity of the catbed on his head.

GRAYMAN said...

Trapesoid number with the wide end forward to counter the weight!