Jul 25, 2012

Mat Riding Tips From The Pros!

Manipulating the shape of the nose of your mat is a great way to generate more "hold" while moving across steep or bumpy sections.

At 8:41 Mike Cundith finds himself behind George G with the wave threatening to pass him by. He pulls up on the outer pontoons to create more rocker and a deeper belly shape in the nose. The added drag in the nose allows the mat to climb back up into the power of the wave and accelerate forward.

It's a case where adding drag adds speed, which is counter-intuitive by conventional surfing standards. You can apply this move riding any wave on any day...try it!


nathanoj said...

Love the air drop at 8:06!

misterdirk said...

That's cool; I'm going to use that one. It's kind of a "soul arch" without the pose, no? I definitely have gotten that same jet assist by sitting way back on a flat bottomed fish board and pulling the front upward.

Anonymous said...

great tip! Who is the song of change by?

Paul Gross said...

Music by G. Wayne Thomas.